Miley Cyrus "7 Things"

The American pop singer Miley Cyrus rose to fame with her first ever hit single "7 Things" from her latest album "Breakout" This song was officially released in the month of May 2008. "7 Things" is said to be the second hit single for Miley after "See You Again". Antonio Armato, Tim James and Miley Cyrus are the writers of this song who also wrote the first hit single "See You Again". Cyrus says that this song was just a remedy for her. Cyrus also said that this particular song expresses the pain of current breakup from her ex-boyfriend. She goes on accusing him for having an affair with another girl. And at the end of the song she has listed seven things that she liked about him. 

This particular song did make its debut on the Radio Disney on the 12th of May 2008. it went on to become the first song to be added to the modern hit radio station in the following week. Billboard called this song to be a worthy chart contender and also expresses it as the odd composite sounding song with country teen hand-banger choruses. On its release this cong was at number 84 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts but gained popularity immensely worldwide. This in turn benefited the song to storm the top ten spot on the Billboard hot 100 charts in just one week.             


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