Perfect Pushup – Original

The original Perfect Pushup exercising equipment can put an innovative spin on the oldest exercises that is the most common pushup. This equipment is invented by Alden Mills, who was a SEAL in the US Navy. This latest exercising equipment's rotating handles lets the user's arms to rotate freely when performing the exercise in the same method the user would do when throwing a press or punches up a dumb bell. This exceptional feature increases quick results by appealing additional muscles in the shoulders, back, chest and arms.

This equipment helps you to eliminate strain on your elbows and wrists and even helps to alleviate and toughen your shoulder joints by attracting the rotator scuff and scapular muscles. With constant use you can notice effectiveness and comforts of this equipment when you try it for the very first time. This equipment comes along with a free instructional DVD and also a color poster which reveals perfect form when you use this equipment for continuous 21 workout plans which is based on the SEAL two minutes drills. These drills work for any kind of fitness level from an Olympic athlete to a beginner.          



Ø      It connects additional muscles while eliminating joint strain

Ø      Exceptional rotating handles let your arms rotate freely

Ø      These exercises are based on the SEAL two drills used at the US Navy base

It is available with a free instructional DVD which is separately available for a price of 9.95 dollars.

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