Play My Music - The Jonas Brothers

Play My Music is a song from the soundtrack of Camp Rock, which is a Disney Channel movie. The song, play my music, has been performed by the band in the movie. However, in the movie, the band features by the name of 'Connect Three'.

To tell you more about The Jonas Brothers; the band features three brothers, namely, Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas. The Jonas brothers are know for creating some brilliant and lively music pop – rock music.

The American band is from the state of New Jersey. The songs from the bands album "Its About Time", and "Jonas Brothers" were quite a hit. "A little Bit Longer" is the third album of the band. Songs from the latest album of the band have already managed to reach the top ten of the Billboard charts.

Play my Music has already managed to become a great hot amongst the fans of the band. In fact, the girls as usual are going crazy about the music that the band is creating. In fact, the band is a part of the cast of the movie Camp Rock, where in the brothers along with the leading lady Play their Music and drive the campus crazy.


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