Pocketful of sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield

The video of the song "Pocketful of sunshine" opens up with Natasha's at work building. You would see scenes where a child is drawing a picture of fighting parents and a teenager is drawing up graffiti in some parking lot area. Once the work is done, she drops down and grabs hold of a parachute and jumps off the window. When she lands, she is found in different fabulous clothes. After she jumps, many other people follow her and they too jump off with parachutes. In the meantime, the police arrive in order to arrest the teenager but he makes a smart escape. Bedingfield is found sitting back in the chair. As the eclipse occurs, the line "the darkness is light" and when it passes away she shoots red butterflies off her hand, and the line "there's only butterflies".

She is then found performing a free concert for the people. Back at work building, employees find Bedingfield dancing. The child is seen walking out of the house, when the camera focuses Bedingfield meditating on a beautiful flower and a group of belly dancers all dancing around her. The belly dancers are seen happily dancing which has actually got nothing to do with the song. As the child comes near her, she opens her eyes. The video ends with the flower rising and she looking at the child.  


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