Pussycat Dolls "When I Grow Up"

Pussycat Dolls released their lead single hit "When I Grow Up" on 27th May 2008. This particular single hit rocked to the 9th position on its release on the Billboards Hot 100. This provided Pussycat Dolls their 4th top tem hit single on the Billboard charts.   This latest hit by Pussycat Dolls was just the samples of the main riff "He's Always There" the song by Yardbirds. Nicole Scherzinger the lead singer for Pussycat Dolls has sung both the backing and lead vocals, almost like the other songs from their album. On May 20th Pussycat Dolls, debuted this particular song Live at the Jimmey Kimmel Concert and even performed Live on 1st June at the MTV Movie Awards 2008.       

"When I Grow Up" is said to be the first single hit for Pussycat Dolls since Carmit Bachar the former partner of this band departed. As opposed to their previous hit singles this particular song is most famous single for featuring additional synthpop and dance pop sounds. After its initial release this song peaked up to 25th spot in the Pop charts and reached the number 2 spot on the Top 100 songs chart both in US and UK. It was at the 76th spot when it made a debut on the Billboards Hot 100 and rose up to 31st place in the second week. At present it is the highest charting hit single for Pussycat Dolls.     


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