Sexy Can I – Ray J

Sexy Can I is one of the super hit singles by Ray J. Through this track, Ray J, tried hard to change his image, after the scandalous sex tapes that he was involved in, which he managed to do to a great extent. Perhaps, this is why the song turned out to be quite a hit, right after its release in the February of 2008.

The R&B single is from the album "All I Feel". The album is produced by Noel Fisher and also features Yung Berg, who is the label mate for the album. In the video of the song, the famous football player, Shaquille O'Neal also makes a small cameo appearance, where in he is seen as a reporter and is holding a camera.

There is another video of the song, where in both Ray J and Yung Berg, are seen performing to the song, while they are being watched on a computer by a model. The song turned out to be an even greater hit, after a few days of its release. It topped the Billboard at 77 when it was released, but soon moved on to be the #3 track on the list, and this within two months of its release.


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