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Gmail Blog: Manage several email accounts with Multiple Inboxes

Tip from Gmail Blog: Tip: Manage several email accounts with Multiple Inboxes I started to search who else is blogging about gmail problem and came across this recent tip from gmail bolg. I can hardly imagine that people can use just one email nowdays so i also have this problem of checking multiply email accounts. Now this seems to be a perfect tip - right, then the Gmail is up:-)

Gmail is down in Israel

Gmail website is not working in Israel since 11 am. The issues has become so serious that the Army radio station (galatz) reported about it the news. More and more internet users relay on the popular web based email. Offline gmail service that was added just few weeks ago is a nice feature that will be able to add some working hours during this kind of problems. From my point of view the biggest loser from this situation is google itself - just imagine how many google adwords were not served and this giant company just lost our valuable clicks and thus it revenue.