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Can’t Remember to Forget You

"Listen to Can't Remember To Forget You"
(feat. Rihanna)

Columbian songstress Shakira has nearly two decades of sultry singing, dancing and songwriting, although her true rise to fame began in the late 90s. Her latest album, the self-titled Shakira, re-captures the magnetic fusion of musical styles for which she’s always been known. Branching out to collaborate with another global pop-princess in Rihanna, they fashion a reggae-inflected, upbeat miasma of cool and reflective vocals. Shakira’s crooning is positively seductive, while maintaining a quality of fervent urgency. And all this, before you even see the video and how well her visuals match the vocals.
Rihanna’s range surprises here; who would have thought that the almost operatic singer could tone it down enough to sound strikingly similar to Shakira, herself? Their video duet together is an explosion of femininity and vibrant colors, which match the vibrant vocals to a tee. It’s clear that these are power-women,…