my lemon tree

I went out early this morning to water my lemon tree. This year, it is loaded with fruit. There is so much fruit that the lemons are small. Yet they are full of juice and have not been reluctant to ripen. I find this the most amazing thing.

There is a thick bed of dry leaves under the tree. I never rake them out, because I know the leaves are there for a reason. They are the tree’s way of preserving moisture and protecting its roots.

The leaves on the tree itself are a beautiful, shiny green. They are cool to the touch, even during the hot part of the day. There are so many of them that it is necessary to pry open the dense network of twigs and branches to look inside the tree.

I went out early this morning to water my lemon tree. The sun had just come up, but it was hidden behind some clouds. The atmosphere was cool and quiet. The insects were still asleep, the bees and ants. The birds had not yet visited.

How many lemons can one person eat? That is the question. Most people do not eat lemons at all. I could give them away, but I would rather not part with them. So I eat them and drink their juice. I start and end each day with a fresh lemon.


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