MTV Unplugged

Here is Shakira presented before her enormous crossover success. "MTV Unplugged" is a wonderful document of the Shakira that had already conquered Latin America before becoming a staple of the American airwaves (eventhough she already had legions of fans in the U.S., particularly in the Hispanic community, before her English debut was released), it features the Colombian beauty singing completely in her native tongue songs that are exhilarating, evocative and classic. It's practically a live version of her hit "Donde Estan Los Ladrones" album, the record that remains her best work. Live and unplugged the songs shine with a wonderful display of Shakira's vocal range and capacity for creating an intimate mood. Consider the almost tender, dreamy atmosphere of "Moscas En La Casa," a romantic journey of one lover missing the other. "Inevitable" is still an exciting rocker with hints of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin through-out. "Ciega, Sordomuda" is done here with a fun mariachi arrangement that gives the song new life. "Estoy Aqui" is the darker Shakira, exclaiming words of regret while practicing some interesting vocal tricks. The best moment is the closing track, "Ojos Asi," a scorching Middle Eastern ride that sounds almost like Shakira doing a Latin rocker chick "Kashmir." The lyrics are poetic and the entire arrangement is rich and unforgettable. Shakira has come a long way since the release of this record, it is fair to say that here along with the "Donde Estan Los Ladrones" album we really get the essence of Shakira and her talent. Eventhough "Laundry Service" was a rocking intro into the English scene, I have a feeling this is the material the hardcore fans will cherish more.


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