Ahmed Zaki

Well about the shakirra thing i think this is so nice from her i mean she is originally labanese and it will be an easier way to show others and europe how do we all feel sorry for the labanese people and we are defending them keep going Shakira(Y)
About ahmed zaki and abdulhalim . Well, i saw the movie twice till now it is FANTASTIC! i was really touched , there is abig contract in the stories of abdulhalim and ahmed zaki i mean both were from poor families and both were orphans and both suffered to reach what they wanted abdulhalim and his career of singing , ahmed zaki and the acting thing and they both died by stupid freaking diseases cancer and belharesya i swear i cried 4 times in da movie it is really so touching people just think that they are using ahmed zaki in da movie but hell nooo it is wonderful u will adore the movie i swear

Then about Reem heeey guys ento lesa 3arfeen i mean we all know what is happening in front of the cameras and they arent showing it and she isnt the first one hisham staracademy 2 winner also said many things they were hidding that's it


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