Shakira Sings for Lebanon

Columbian singer Shakira, who is also of Lebanese origin, has recently announced that she will be singing Fairuz’s famous song ‘Ateni Alnaya Wa Ghani’ – Give me the flute & sing –.
Shakira will be singing the famous song in Arabic & will also give it a re-mix.

There was a great hype about the last movie of late Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki, Halim, about the life of the great Egyptian singer Abdel Halim Hafeth.
But it seems the hype was not in its place!
Young actor Haitham Ahmad Zaki is now in a state of depression after the movie turned out to be less than expected! There wasn't enough audience turn-out & their feedback wasn't as positive as expected.

Algerian Reem Al Ghazali is being threatened with a huge law suit by Lebanese channel LBC!
Reem seems to have blurted out all the behind the camera secrets of the reality TV show LBC Star Academy to some Algerian newspapers & magazines.
Reem accused the program's director of being biased towards Lebanese contestants & of accepting 'under the table' deals.

LBC has threatened Reem with a law suit & possibly jail if she didn't stop her accusations.


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