Britney Spears

The Pop Princess is changing with the sands of time. After her second marriage, to Kevin Federline, a few more years of maturity, and her maternal clock ringing, Britney Spears is changing roles. The infamous teen tease had posted a personal message to her own mom on her website last years, indicating a profound respect and desire for motherhood. After months of rumors, Britney and Kevin posted a message on her website confirming she's pregnant. Another change in roles begins May 17th, when Britany and Kevin launch their new reality TV show on UPN ... stay tuned.

Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney's little sister is growing up and making a name for herself. Her big sister has been in the spot light for years, but seems to be indicating taking a less public role and focusing on her family. With that, the ten age difference between the sisters, and fateful timing, it seems Jamie Lynn is rising into her own fame at the perfect time! The young actress is starring in her own teen sitcom now and there's sure to be a hot summer teen movie in her future ... stay tuned.


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