Latin Grammys

I did vote for Shakira! I could I not. The votes you put in won't always make Shakira win because I voted for Shakira in the Teen Choice Awards and I also alerted all my friends to vote for her in the categories she was in, and did you see the Awards? She did not win a single one! I was surprised all my friends confirmed that they voted for her and I have many friends. Shakira should have won at least one award. I love Shakira and I support her, so don't go pounding on me like I don't care about her. One way to garantee she'll win the next awards is to bring in more people to become big fans of Shakira. The Latin Grammys are coming up and she'll probably be nominated, so support her in any way you can and mean it. Keep Shakira at heart and continue helping her career in any way possible. Adios.


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