Cali, Colombia is better known for its drugs than its rock and roll. But the band Superlitio may be changing that. The World's Stephen Snyder has the latest from the group some locals have called "the best band in Cali."

Superlitio has been around for eight years. The group is very popular in Colombia, their outdoor concerts in Bogota draw tens of thousands of fans. But sucess at home is not enough for the band. Like fellow Colombian Shakira, these rockers want fame and recognition here in the United States.

The group has begun to include English lyrics in its songs, building a Spanglish repertoire geared to new audiences in the United States. Superlitio's latest album, its third, was recorded in Los Angeles last year.

Working with an Argentine record producer by the name of Tweety Gonzalez, Superlitio has blended Colombian favorites like cumbia and salsa with disco, funk and plenty of electronics. The CD is called "Tripping Tropicana."

Superlitio's campaign to conquer U.S. dancefloors has been a long one. Three years ago New York City's Village Voice said the group was all set to "fly damn high this year." Then came September 11th, and Superlitio, like many foreign music acts, put its U.S. ambitions on hold. They're hoping that this year Americans will be ready for some Tripping Tropicana.

Superlitio's record gets its official U.S. release later this month... Followed by a nationwide tour of clubs and festivals.

Superlitio's bass player Pedro Rovetto says if the group's fans go home feeling as if they've just been to a great party, then the band's done its job.


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